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Pathological Liar…


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How Could Women Vote For Mitt Romney?

Considering all of Mitt Romney’s positions on women issues, it is quite unbelievable that there are still women who would vote for an anti-women Presidential candidate. While the number of women who are taking a closer look at the Presidential … Continue reading

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Virginia GOP: “If You Want Abortion, We Will Rape You First”. War on Women.

A Republican-supported “informed consent” bill is now law in Virginia. You may be wondering what this bill that just passed the House of Delegates yesterday and the State Senate a couple of weeks ago is all about? Well, in short, it … Continue reading

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Liberal Wanna Be Libertarian Obama Critics

I have been reading a lot about Glenn Greenwald and David Sirota’s  phony love affair with Ron Paul. I must admit it is fascinating how the minds of these self proclaimed liberal wanna be caricatures take the bandwidth of the … Continue reading

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