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Mr. Charles Barkley, “You Were Deliberately Denied the Opportunity to Learn Your History”!

When the Portuguese brought in the first Africans from the Present day Angola into Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, it started a precedent that has a scaring implication of unimaginable magnitude. The birth of RACISM that hasn’t had a cure since … Continue reading

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Facts About Incarceration in America. Modern Day Enslavement. Read and Weep If You Care!

This is not JUSTICE. This is called moderner day enslavement and America is absolutely quite about it. Read and weep because the statistics about the cold hard facts about incarceration in the United States can’t be more inhumane, racist and … Continue reading

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Learning About Slavery From A Freed Slave. It’s An American History That Must Be Told With Care.

Excerpt of a letter by Jourdan Anderson offering a smart response to P.H. Anderson’s request that his former slave, Jourdan, come back and work for his former master in Tennessee: Sir: I got your letter, and was glad to find … Continue reading

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