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Mr. Charles Barkley, “You Were Deliberately Denied the Opportunity to Learn Your History”!

When the Portuguese brought in the first Africans from the Present day Angola into Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, it started a precedent that has a scaring implication of unimaginable magnitude. The birth of RACISM that hasn’t had a cure since … Continue reading

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Republican Retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: “My Party Is Full of Racists” and “That’s Despicable”.

Retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson had some strong word for the Republican Party after that comment made by Mitt Romney’s die hard supporter, John Sununu, who referred the endorsement of President Obama by Colin Powell’s as nothing but a black … Continue reading

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Rosie Perez talking to Mitt Romney: The Reason Why Latinos Are Not Voting For You…

I saw this well done ad today at http://www.actually.org where Rosie Perez makes the case for why Latinos will not vote for Mitt Romney. …and then the contrast where in the Ad below President Obama speaks directly to Latinos in … Continue reading

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Dear Teaparty Feces: Can You F@#king Handle The Truth?

Sorry to disappoint you but Nate Silver has done the math that gives President Obama a 69.4 percent chance of winning the Electoral College on Nov. 6. Moreover, I can say that the road to electing the most disingenuous, dishonest, untrustworthy, … Continue reading

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U.S. Militia In The Army Plots to Kill President Obama Uncovered

Here we have a President that has done more for military families and some within the military plot a plan to kill the President. Wow is all I am able to say but Via the Atlanticwire: More details are surfacing … Continue reading

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The Bigotry of Rush Limbaugh and Those That Bank Roll Him

Rush Limbaugh is a mean soul. That is if he has a soul. His long history of sexism and racism is not new to many but the fact that he has always managed to stay on the air and pollute … Continue reading

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I Too Would Be Nervous If I Was A Republican!

Hat-tip to TPM for initially reporting this and truth be told, I sure would be nervous as hell and in panic mode if I was a Republican after seeing graphs like the ones below but I must admit I love … Continue reading

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