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Pathological Liar…


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Mitt Romney’s Catastrophic Choice: Paul Ryan as Vice President Running Mate. What It Means? Has The Election Already Been Won?

Mitt Romney has finally tapped his Vice Presidential running mate, the Congressman from Wisconsin,  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who mocked Romney Massachusetts’ Health Care plan saying Romneycare Is an ‘Unsustainable’ ‘Fatal Conceit’, while just a couple of days ago Romney spokeswoman … Continue reading

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Santorum Hates Seniors Too. He Will Repeal Medicaid and Medicare First and Then Social Security

It is not enough that Rick Santorum is a racist, a homophobe,  an anti-muslim bigot and one of the worst “Male Chauvinist Pig” in American politics, he is a number one enemy of seniors who will repeal medicaid and medicare … Continue reading

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