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Why Obama Now and Romney Never?

Sometimes it is hard and time consuming to read all of the accomplishments of President Obama so there is this viral video that has been complied by an independent group that pretty much tells the story and the reasoning behind … Continue reading

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Chicago Welcomed President Obama In Style. What Enthusiasim Gap You Talking About?

President Barack Obama has been on a mission this week. He visited the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau doing a little bit of victory lap after appointing Richard Cordray as its director.  He also visited the EPA to assure them that … Continue reading

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Mornin’ Mish Mash – Good News is Always Good!

1) Don’t be complacent when you read headlines such as (Obama’s campaign rakes in $68 million in 4th quarter ) because we will need a lot of Money to match the GOP Super PACs: – Click the Obama/Biden image to … Continue reading

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