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The Reasons Why Joe Biden Won the Debate

Joe Biden came out swinging, fact checking Paul Ryan on the spot, not letting him go unchecked with the same lines of lies and misrepresentation that was evidenced during the last Presidential debate by his boss, Mitt Romney.  The performance … Continue reading

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Debunking The Republican Talking Point – Obama Is Not The Reckless Spender Republicans Want You To Believe.

How many lies have to be told before the news press wakes the hell up and starts correcting these intentional misrepresentations that have been told consistently about President Obama to tarnish his character, accomplishments and paint him as an unfavorable … Continue reading

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The Round Up…PBO Saving Homeowners $3,000 While The Super Pacs Are Thirsty To Beat Him Regardless of The Best Job Creation in Three Years.

1) Help is on the way… But the Republican can’t seem to like anything this President is trying to do especially when it saves struggling homeowners $3,000 a year. Everything is a give away or socialistic to them as they … Continue reading

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