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Is the Bern So Disingenous or Simply Stupid?

I can’t understand why anyone who is a Democratic nominee would want to split hair knowing the reality of our politics to purposely trying to marginalize the efforts of the DNC that will eventually support you — should you win … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s Misinformation Campaign to Marginalize President Obama’s Deal with Iran

The framework for Iran’s deal has been almost universally welcomed in Europe except by  Israel and the Republican Party. As soon as the framework was announced many disingenuous individuals, including the racist prime minister of Israel said that the deal … Continue reading

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Why I Have Been Away…

Greetings to all. A lot of people have asked about where I have been hiding and why I was not writing anymore. So I decided to write this essay just to let you know why. I left blogging right after … Continue reading

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“Sunshine Patriots and Fair Weather White Guys” — Take A Note Liberals. Lots of Work Awaits Us In The Next 4 Weeks!

Isn’t it fascinating how quickly these supposed “allies” turn the minute that the women or people of color don’t do it their way?? Even if their way is wrong???  ~ Nancy Heitzeg I feel a conviction to share this article … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Catastrophic Choice: Paul Ryan as Vice President Running Mate. What It Means? Has The Election Already Been Won?

Mitt Romney has finally tapped his Vice Presidential running mate, the Congressman from Wisconsin,  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who mocked Romney Massachusetts’ Health Care plan saying Romneycare Is an ‘Unsustainable’ ‘Fatal Conceit’, while just a couple of days ago Romney spokeswoman … Continue reading

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Debunking The Republican Talking Point – Obama Is Not The Reckless Spender Republicans Want You To Believe.

How many lies have to be told before the news press wakes the hell up and starts correcting these intentional misrepresentations that have been told consistently about President Obama to tarnish his character, accomplishments and paint him as an unfavorable … Continue reading

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