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HOLY SHIT – Melania Trump plagiarized Her Convention Speech From Michelle Obama’s 2008 Speech. She Is A FRAUD!

WOW…they say “you live by the sword you die by the sword”. Did people really thought they can get away by plagiarizing other peoples’ speech when you know technology is your worst enemy? At tonight’s Republican Convention, Melania Trump the … Continue reading

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Is the Bern So Disingenous or Simply Stupid?

I can’t understand why anyone who is a Democratic nominee would want to split hair knowing the reality of our politics to purposely trying to marginalize the efforts of the DNC that will eventually support you — should you win … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s Misinformation Campaign to Marginalize President Obama’s Deal with Iran

The framework for Iran’s deal has been almost universally welcomed in Europe except by  Israel and the Republican Party. As soon as the framework was announced many disingenuous individuals, including the racist prime minister of Israel said that the deal … Continue reading

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Mr. Charles Barkley, “You Were Deliberately Denied the Opportunity to Learn Your History”!

When the Portuguese brought in the first Africans from the Present day Angola into Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, it started a precedent that has a scaring implication of unimaginable magnitude. The birth of RACISM that hasn’t had a cure since … Continue reading

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Why I Have Been Away…

Greetings to all. A lot of people have asked about where I have been hiding and why I was not writing anymore. So I decided to write this essay just to let you know why. I left blogging right after … Continue reading

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Republican Retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: “My Party Is Full of Racists” and “That’s Despicable”.

Retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson had some strong word for the Republican Party after that comment made by Mitt Romney’s die hard supporter, John Sununu, who referred the endorsement of President Obama by Colin Powell’s as nothing but a black … Continue reading

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2nd Presidential Debate — Romney: “I Care About 100% of America”. Obama: “No You Don’t”. President Obama’s Best Closing!

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