Is the Bern So Disingenous or Simply Stupid?


I can’t understand why anyone who is a Democratic nominee would want to split hair knowing the reality of our politics to purposely trying to marginalize the efforts of the DNC that will eventually support you — should you win the Democratic nomination — to get out the vote, make calls for you, knock at doors to pass on information about your views and argue on your behalf and the Democratic party why the American people should vote for you? I don’t know who the Democratic party nominee will be but whether it be Senator Sanders or Secretary Clinton, as Democrats we all have to be ready to colossal around our nominee to take one of them to the finish line. However, I feel this shrewd move of disingenuousness by the Bernie camp is misguided and foul making my stomach cringe.

So Senator Sanders campaign took aim at DNC saying…

Eight years ago, then-Senator Barack Obama took the noble step of banning contributions to the DNC from lobbyists and special interest PACs. This week, the DNC reversed that ban. Tell the Democratic National Committee you support the restrictions put in place by President Obama that ban lobbyist and special interest PAC contributions.

We all know the limitation some decisions made has had on the Democratic Party’s ability to compete on equal footing along side the GOP because of campaign finance reform laws and I am sure Bernie Sanders is a very smart person to understand that without money your campaign is doomed and you might as well hand the Presidency to your opponent. However, it appears that the Bernie camp is using the ignorance of some voters to wage a divide that in the end is counter productive for Democrats as a whole. When such things happen, we as Democrats must say STOP!

Democrats should know that when then-Senator Barack Obama made that step of banning contributions from lobbyists and special interest PACs, that Citizen United ruling by the SCOTUS was not part of the equation in President Obama’s decision making process. That Supreme Court’s controversial 5-4 decision in 2010 is what enabled a spending floodgate in American political system that changed how political campaigns are run today allowing corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money on political activities, as long as it was done independently of a party or candidate.  This enabled the creation of many super PACs where unlimited cash was pouring from unknown contributors that were protected by law from being publicly disclosed.

My question for the Bern camp is, for someone that is so critical about the wealth gap, always making the pitch that the working class is getting a bad deal and claiming that America now has more wealth and income inequality than any major developed country on earth, tell me how do you plan to fight with Super PACs that are funded by the top 1% you despise spreading lies about you? You think the GOP is going to seat and tell the truth about you or Clinton? You think you can raise billion of dollars in small donations to compete in the general election?

The stakes are huge for us to just seat and listen when a Democratic nominee with his righteous indignation try to undermine the efforts of the DNC. I wish the Bern camp was as pragmatic as President Obama’s campaign was but portraying a false sense of security or moral high ground when Senator Sanders knows that he does not have an equal playing field against the GOP if he plans to rely on only small donations is disturbing to me.

President Obama had already figured that out as soon as the SCOTUS ruled for Citizen United and his side of Super PACs were instrumental in countering the money disadvantage during his reelection bid in 2012. And, please don’t preach to me that there aren’t some wealthy unions or corporations that stand for democratic principles because there are.

However, Senator Sanders also knows that he is at a disadvantage to raising funds in small donation against Secretary Clinton so he has to appear as someone who is not affiliated with Super PACs in order to say, Hillary Clinton is in bed with Corporations and Super PACs even though he knows his supporters have used Super PAC money even though he may have no control over the entities that are raising money on his behalf just the same way as Hillary Clinton’s Super PACs that are raising money on her behalf without her involvement. The GOP is raising Billions from the top 1% and they are stocking it up to use it during the General election across the country.

So, is there anything wrong for the DNC to do what the Republicans are doing in order to compete, fact check GOP’s smear campaign and expose them for the harm they will do to this country knowing the campaign is going to get dirtier than ever in the general election?

It is something to have a principle to stand on to succeed so long as you can guarantee that you have a more than reasonable chance of winning by collecting just small donations but let’s be honest, this moral high ground is a prescription for failure. We all know you can’t win without shit loads of resources. To show you are principled with your high ethical standards is nice but it won’t hold water in our currently political landscape. It is rubbish and very disingenuous unless you first win and reverse the Citizen United ruling and reform campaign finance reform. So I say to Bernie and supporters, let’s cut the bullshit and raise shit loads of money using every means we have under the law of the land because the last thing I want to see is our Democratic nominee being water boarded by the GOP because of some untimely ideological stupidity.

Believe me, it will not make you look like a flip flop-er, only realist.

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4 Responses to Is the Bern So Disingenous or Simply Stupid?

  1. mtmarilyn says:

    I have worried about this too. Even had a disagreement with a close friend who supports Bernie. He said Bernie won’t take pac money. I asked him if he wins what is going to happen to all the down Democrats. Where is there money coming from, he said, the people. Bernie bots are so naive. I do agree that I wish it could happen to only be from the people but it isn’t going to happen this year. I am not a big supporter of Hillary but I’ll take her over any one else.

    • TiMT says:

      Hey, keep hope alive… now that there is a vacancy at the highest court, may be POTUS will give a recess appointment that will help reverse what the crazies have done to ruin this country. I agree that we have to balance the playing field during this election. Bernie needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. sjterrid says:

    Thank you for posting this. It’s good to see you back. I shared this on Facebook.

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