Why I Have Been Away…

Greetings to all.

A lot of people have asked about where I have been hiding and why I was not writing anymore. So I decided to write this essay just to let you know why.

I left blogging right after the 2012 Presidential election because being an on-line warrior informing the public about why President Obama is the right man for the job for the Presidency was taking a lot of my time away from spending important time with my kids and in the process I was depriving my kids a lot of valuable lesson they deserve to learn from my experiences. While indirectly I was fighting for their future, I wasn’t able to balance my fatherhood duties between a full time day job and essentially a full time blogging job for free.  I had to take a break from blogging right after the 2012 election to re-prioritize my life.

I hope you have been well the last couple of years. While I may not be writing frequently, I am planning to make time to write a bit more in the new year and hope to engage with you. I wanted to say in advance that I really truly appreciate all of your feedback and contributions.

Thank You and Happy New Year.


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2 Responses to Why I Have Been Away…

  1. Mark Dutcher says:

    thanks! good to hear from you. you might remember me as Hardart over at DailyKos. IRL i am Mark and i still support president Obama and i am proud that i voted and campaigned for him twice. best, Mark

    Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 03:36:42 +0000 To: dutcher63@hotmail.com

    • TiMT says:

      I do remember you very well, Mark. How have you been? Glad you are hanging around in the blogsphere. I feel the same way about our President. Hope all is well.

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