Why Obama Now and Romney Never?

Sometimes it is hard and time consuming to read all of the accomplishments of President Obama so there is this viral video that has been complied by an independent group that pretty much tells the story and the reasoning behind why Obama is the man for the job. I have to share it to as many people as possible to get the message out to those who are still on the fence about who they will be voting for on election day. Please share it to your contacts in every social media possible.

And then, here we have where the Republican leadership and institution have said so many things that pretty much confirms the real Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is not worthy of being a President and voters must know the kind of pathological “liar” he is as Newt Gingrich notes it in the video below. The argument that must be made is when you have a person with so many character flaws and dishonest behavior, how could anyone trust him as a commander-in-chief. What will he be lying about next?

Here are things you must continue to do:

  1. Vote early if you can.
  2. Help get out the vote for President Obama
  3. Donate here for the Obama Campaign
  4. Know your voting right and help educate others about voter suppression/intimidation efforts
  5. Help transport others on election day.
  6. Get involved. Get involved. Get involved.
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2 Responses to Why Obama Now and Romney Never?

  1. I love your blog! Thanks for sending the vid out again and reminding people that polls and pundits don’t win elections. Its action, action, and more action! and well as some education to explain to those aren’t paying attention.

    • TiMT says:

      The buck stops on Nov 6 at the election booth. Everyone in the MSM, especially HuffPost appears to be sensationalizing this election for their own rating. I am tired of the ignorance that is passed on non-stop by pundits, news media and teabagging idiots. Thank you for stopping by BITB. I appreciate it.

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