While Obama Raised $181 Million In September, It Would Be A Big Mistake To Write Mitt Off and Decide The Election Is Already Won By Obama!

Photobucket The Obama campaign has raised $181 million in the month of September, their best one month fund raising effort where over 1.8 million strong Americans who feel passionate about re-electing President Obama for a second term contributed in huge numbers.

Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, reported in an email communication to supporters that the total number of donations effort “surpassed 10 million donations so far in 2012”, with 567,044 were first time donors in September, contributing an average donation of $53. In total, about 98% of the donations were under $250. This is a huge success story for the Obama Administration.

However, if you think this money is enough to battle what Romney’s super PACs have stored in the next few weeks, let me remind you about the money that Romney surrogates  have already spent. Since this presidential campaign began, independent groups/Super PACs have spent as of October 6, 2012, at least $309 million on television advertisements.  A breakdown of who these PACs are can be found here. About 82% ($255 Million) of this money was raised by Republican PACs and has been spent attacking President Obama 100%. If you ask where this money is coming from, it certainly is not from the 10 million middle class American. The Romney campaign has been financed by corporations and those at the top 1% of America and they have been battering President Obama with so many misinformation and lies in favor of their candidate, Mitt Romney.

Photobucket When I heard someone say that it would be a big mistake to write off Mitt Romney, I chuckle silently with amusement about how in the world anyone would think Mitt Romney can win this election with so many of his flip flop positions and lies. In fact, I am silently planning my election watch party at my house where I plan to invite a lot of friends and passionate supporters who have worked hard to celebrate four more years of President Obama just like I did in Nov 2008.

…and then, I started asking can this flawed candidate becomes President lying through one of the most scrutinized election in the world,  If he does win, I must say he sure is the most talented con-artist ever. Here is the thing though, we haven’t cast one vote yet but we have seen bazillions of obituaries from many pundits where they have pretty much characterized this election as already been decided for President Obama in the moment of many disastrous moves by Romney’s utterly failed campaign until just the last debate where he lied through it all to appear he has substance. Low and behold, the American people who are not engaged bought that dishonest performance.

When someone lies and hold a flip flopping positions faster than a bullet and continue to lie about their flip flopped position consistently as Romney had during and prior to the debate, you have to ask about the character of the person and the kind of ethical standard one would bring into the oval office. The refusal to show his tax return, his many flip flopping positions, the empty chair action thriller by Eastwood at the RNC, the dazzling, deceitful, and distracting Ryan’s speech, the disastrous substanceless Republicans convention, the London gaffe, the politicization of Americans death in Libya, the I don’t give a damn about the 47% hidden agenda and the  brown face appeal to Latino voters and more deep rooted hidden positions should immediately disqualify Mitt Romney as the most untrustworthy dishonest man for the position of Presidency. All these thing have indeed tipped this election’s momentum in favor of President Obama with 75.2 percent chance of winning the Electoral College until the lackluster debate performance of President Obama last Wednesday.

The truth is I never bought into the notion that this election is over when more than half of the country is not informed about candidate’s political positions.  I don’t think it would be off the mark to say that the same pundits who had been dumping on Mitt Romney will not hesitate dumping on the President if they are given an opening since of course their memory as usual does tricks on them.

The point is the next 29 days are the most important campaign days where as grassroots supporters we have to press hard to get out the votes, make calls, contribute and do what we can because the stakes are too high and too important for our generation and the next to get caught sleeping. Liars will get busted one way or another but I don’t want to wait seating around for someone else to bust them crack open. It is our responsibility to do our part. Don’t mind the debate because I thought in the 2004 election John Kerry had the 2004 election in the bag after the first debate that made George Bush look like delusional. One friend put it well when she said,

Only a rich white guy can get on a stage and rattle off a lie per minute and be declared a winner. Sickening and disturbing. I will say that President Obama missed some opportunities — no doubt about that, but O’s missed opps does not make sociopath Romney a “winner” by any stretch of the imagination.

The lying game has been going on full force for quite some time and if we are going to win this election, we have to go to work hard in the next 29 days by speaking the truth against those who want to buy their way into the Whitehouse. Let’s go to work.

Obama/Biden 2012!

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2 Responses to While Obama Raised $181 Million In September, It Would Be A Big Mistake To Write Mitt Off and Decide The Election Is Already Won By Obama!

  1. mtmarilyn says:

    So true! We must work twice as hard this month! Forward! I am not watching MSNBC anymore. I am so mad! Only watch Martin & Rev Al!

  2. TiMT says:

    Good to see ya mtmarilyn. Let’s keep on keepin’ on!

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