“Sunshine Patriots and Fair Weather White Guys” — Take A Note Liberals. Lots of Work Awaits Us In The Next 4 Weeks!

Isn’t it fascinating how quickly these supposed “allies” turn the minute that the women or people of color don’t do it their way?? Even if their way is wrong???  ~ Nancy Heitzeg

I feel a conviction to share this article because it speaks volume about the mind set of some White Man even from the left who feel they know everything as if they have this supernatural power to tell other what is right or wrong. Let’s face it, President Obama’s performance was not his “A” game last Wednesday. Does that give people like Chris Matthew, Ed Schultz, etc., the right to ridicule our President as if he hasn’t been prosecuted by racists teabagging Republican party the last four years? I find the behavior of those on the left who can’t see their flaws fascinating indeed as Nancy notes but most importantly these are the kinds of people who will sink the Democratic Party be it out of ignorance or entitlement of White Privilege. We all have a responsibility to stop this premature ejaculation so let’s step up and tell these people to chill the fuck out.

Full version of this post is located at criticalmassprogress.com – Sunshine Patriots and Fair Weather White Guys by nancy a heitzeg. 

by nancy a heitzeg

Where were the Great White Liberal WhalesPundits following Mitt Romney’s sweaty serial lie-fest of last Wednesday??

Were they busily fact-checking his lie a minute “performance”??

Were they bemoaning his bullying tactics? Questioning his cheat-sheet?? Speculating – a’la Jack Welch – that he seemed higher than rigged BLS job numbers??

Were they decrying the disgusting deployment of a very vicious  “Father Knows Best” Patriarchy that will cut off your Big Bird kids to save literal pennies for writing his rich friends a tax cut??

Were they, great fair weather fighters of racism, asking (as Chris Rock did) if Mitt Romney just called the President a “boy”??

Oh No..

Confusing a Presidential Debate with a hockey game, they were outraged!! outraged!! that the President did not leave Romney’s blood on the ice.

Unable to escape the lure of patriarchal show of force metaphors, they uniformly abdicated any claim to either journalism or liberalism and defaulted to tantrums.

White Man 101

A “stunned” and red-faced Ed Schultz foamed at the mouth and metaphorically broke shit.

Chris Matthews was in full melt-down, fantasizing that Hardball is somehow the equivalent of Kill Bill I and II. “We have our knives out!!!!”

Read the full version at criticalmassprogress.

The point is the fight has been going on for a while and we don’t fold in the forth quarter because of snowflakes.

Here are things you must continue to do:

  1. Vote early if you can.
  2. Help get out the vote for President Obama
  3. Donate here for the Obama Campaign
  4. Know your voting right and help educate others about voter suppression/intimidation efforts
  5. Help transport others on election day.
  6. Get involved. Get involved. Get involved.


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2 Responses to “Sunshine Patriots and Fair Weather White Guys” — Take A Note Liberals. Lots of Work Awaits Us In The Next 4 Weeks!

  1. thank you for all you do!

    Everything is at stake — no time for this self-absorbed “liberal media” nonsense

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