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Romney Thinks Half of America is Lazy, Irresponsible and Don’t Care For Their Lives

Mitt Romney’s true self or may be artificial self can’t be distinguished as he can be everything in politics. Be aware what you are voting for! Speaking to the top 1% of Americans behind closed doors in a private fundraiser, … Continue reading

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Romney Politicizing the Death of Americans In Libya. Political Message Point Revealed. Shame On You Romney!!

This is a person that is running to be a commander-in-chief failing just about the simplistic leadership test. Who in their right mind and intelligence running for the Presidency of the United States would use a tragedy such as this … Continue reading

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Romney’s Motto: Hit The Middle Class Hard!

We all have seen a pattern that has been ignored by the media for a very long time. Until just this weekend. No one has been asking the tough questions that are important to the middle class when the Romney … Continue reading

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How Could Americans Forgive a Republican Party That Is So Interested In Seeing More Americans Out of Job For Political Gain?

The Republican Party is pissed that there was 96,000 more private sector jobs created in August of 2012. They will tell you that this number is not good enough to rebuild America and blame the President for the sluggish economic … Continue reading

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Why You Should Vote For President Obama!

After reading this comment… I always ask people that differ in opinion to provide one reason to vote for the current President and I have yet to receive one. …I started asking myself how could one be so blinded by … Continue reading

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