The Morning Round Up…

1) Why Believe Romney Now, After His Lies on Medicare, Bain & Taxes?

take down of the lying Un-Presidential Candidate:

The candidate this week added Medicare to his litany of falsehoods—on Bain Capital, his taxes, welfare, and debt, among many others. It’s now clear Romney will say anything. So why trust anything he says?

The list could go on and on. One Republican operative, a genuine conservative who thinks Romney isn’t genuine at all, renders his verdict: “He doesn’t believe in anything but his own ambition.” Maybe that’s why Romney will say anything. But why, then, should we believe anything he says?

I don’t think the country will buy this phony campaign from a patently phony candidate. He’s struggling despite the economic headwinds fanned by his own party’s obstructionism in Congress. So come this November, just maybe a re-elected Joe Biden will say, fairly and accurately, that our politics has been unshackled from Romney’s chain of lies.

2) Rick Santorum Explains How Mitt Romney Will Lose Presidential Bid

I don’t know whether to laugh or be amused listening to what Rick “Blah People” Santorum has to say:

Santorum believes that Romney will be defeated if the focus isn’t on his policies. “If the campaign is about issues, we win,” he told the Daily Beast.  “If it’s about Mitt Romney’s record as a businessman, then we don’t win. If it’s about Mitt Romney’s tax returns, then we don’t win. If it’s about whether people like Mitt Romney more than Barack Obama, then we don’t win.”

3) NY Times smacking Romney’s lies: Patients Would Pay More if Romney Restores Medicare Savings, Analysts Say

Mitt Romney’s promise to restore $716 billion that he says President Obama “robbed” from Medicare has some health care experts puzzled, and not just because his running mate, Representative Paul D. Ryan, included the same savings in his House budgets.

The 2010 health care law cut Medicare reimbursements to hospitals and insurers, not benefits for older Americans, by that amount over the coming decade. But repealing the savings, policy analysts say, would hasten the insolvency of Medicare by eight years — to 2016, the final year of the next presidential term, from 2024.

4) The Hill reports another accomplishment of the Obama Administration: Obama admin achieves goal for veteran hiring commitments one year early:

First lady Michelle Obama announced on Wednesday that the Obama administration has achieved its stated goal for U.S. businesses to commit to training or hiring 100,000 veterans by the end of 2013 “more than a year ahead of schedule.”


“And today, I am so proud to announce that these 2,000 companies have not just met our challenge — they’ve exceeded it. As of today, they have hired or trained 125,000 veterans and military spouses — 125,000. And they’ve done it more than a year ahead of schedule. That’s pretty impressive.”

5) Obama leads big with Latinos according to  NBC News-Wall Street Journal-Telemundo Hispanic oversample poll here.)

President Barack Obama continues to lead presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney by wide margins with Latinos, according to the latest NBC News-Wall Street Journal-Telemundo poll.

Hispanics, the largest-growing segment of the U.S. population over the past decade, said they preferred Obama over Romney in the presidential race, 63 to 28 percent.

6) Sad but true that the Jobs Outlook Is Bleak Because the GOP Wants It That Way:

To the detriment of us all, the GOP has opted out of taking any responsibility for fixing the entirely solvable problems of employment and economic growth.

At every turn, congressional Republicans have stonewalled President Obama on jobs. But if his proposals were fully implemented, our economy would have added 257,000 jobs more in June. That’s three times greater than what we actually added and close to the 300,000-jobs-a-month mark we must hit to put a real dent in joblessness.

Moreover, if Congress had passed Obama’s job program and extended his 2009 initiative to prevent up to a 100 percent of the public sector job losses at the state and local level, unemployment would fall below 7 percent. That’s pre-recession territory. And overall economic growth would be at 4.5 percent. Notably, fixing the public-sector employment crisis would solve much of black joblessness.

The bottom line is that we remain in recession because Republicans have chosen to gum up the political process during a time of national crisis. Washington guru Thomas Mann calls what they’ve done “hostage taking.”

In 2010, Sen. Mitch McConnell told the conservative Heritage Foundation, “The single most impost important thing [Republicans] want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

7) Stop Boo’ing and let’s get out the vote or better yet, let’s get out and register new folks to vote:


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