Virginia GOP: “If You Want Abortion, We Will Rape You First”. War on Women.

PhotobucketA Republican-supported “informed consent” bill is now law in Virginia. You may be wondering what this bill that just passed the House of Delegates yesterday and the State Senate a couple of weeks ago is all about? Well, in short, it is a legalized rape that requires women to undergo forced vaginal penetration to determine a fetus’ gestation age before getting an abortion.

Abortion; informed consent.  Requires that, as a component of informed consent to an abortion, to determine gestation age, every pregnant female shall undergo ultrasound imaging and be given an opportunity to view the ultrasound image of her fetus prior to the abortion. The medical professional performing the ultrasound must obtain written certification from the woman that the opportunity was offered and whether the woman availed herself of the opportunity to see the ultrasound image or hear the fetal heartbeat. A copy of the ultrasound and the written certification shall be maintained in the woman’s medical records at the facility where the abortion is to be performed.

Do we live in 2012?  WTF? How the hell is it possible in America that a women against her will be forced to have something pushed into her vaginally in the name of the law? This is no simple matter nor is it like taking an images of a baby in mom’s womb where a jelly is covering the tummy and an image scanner is run along the tummy while you watch the baby picture on TeeVee monitors. No, that is just not what this law will force. What it force on Virginia’s women is legalized RAPE.

Well, Del. David Englin (D – Alexandria) had tried to make this sad bill to restrict an invasive procedure but according to The Associated Press:

House of Delegates Republicans have rejected a last-ditch bid by Democrats to allow women seeking abortions to opt out of an invasive ultrasonic procedure under anti-abortion legislation set for a final House vote Tuesday.

Legislation that has advanced on the strength of a GOP majority would force women to undergo a “transvaginal ultrasound” that produces fetal images.

An amendment by Del. David Englin, D-Alexandria, would have allowed medical professionals to determine whether images can be obtained without being penetrated by equipment used in the ultrasound.

Where is the fucking outrage? I am ashamed to be a Virginian. REALLY. When will the war on women end?

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30 Responses to Virginia GOP: “If You Want Abortion, We Will Rape You First”. War on Women.

  1. sjterrid says:

    When I heard about this, I was never so disgusted. This really has to be unconstitutional. I don’t understand how they can do this. What about the psychological or physical damage that this “test” can do.

    • TiMT says:

      It is so unbelievable and sick. These people are totally out of control and American has a clear choice to make in November. I hope they are paying attention as to what these whack people’s intentions are in general.

  2. sequana says:

    And there they go: a flood of women who have MONEY and run to another state or country for the abortion. No way they will put up with this, leaving only the financially powerless to be raped.

  3. sequana says:

    I’m still thinking about this. Do we have any idea who will pay for this rape? I have my guess, but I’ll wait to see if you have any more info.

  4. This is so sick, I don’t know what to say. “Rape” is a good word to describe this procedure and just an aside thought….this invasive probe could actually cause a spontaneous abortion during an early stage in pregnancy which is why docs don’t routinely do such things.

  5. The Phantom Creep says:

    And the president of the USA is going to go on TV and denounce this monstrous evil in the most uncompromising terms exactly when?

    Bueller? Bueller

    • TiMT says:

      Well, I guess you have not been paying attention to the current debate on women’s right. Where should I start? Better yet, I will guide you to many articles where you can see how the Administration is fighting against the evil———> here

      • You got a “creepy” troll. Would you like me to smack it a bit now or wait and see if it hangs around?

        • TiMT says:

          Let your message be considered as a warning to him/her for now. There ain’t going to be three strike for sure because I ain’t going to tollerate trolls in this space. LOL. Thanks for watching out. 🙂

      • The Phantom Creep says:

        I’m talking specifically about this “mandatory legal rape by doctors” law in Virginia, which is not just insanely unconstitutional on the face of it — it as as close to psychotic and evil as anything every proposed by a major American political party in my lifetime.

        Where’s the president? When is he going to denounce it?

        And incidentally, when are the doctors and the AMA gonna call this crap out?


        • TiMT says:

          That is why we are blogging about it. Change comes from with in. This issue hasn’t seen much highlight because of the contraception and the 2013 budget debates that has dominated the news cycle. However, I wouldn’t doubt that PBO will make the right remark if he hasn’t yet but the point is it is our responsibility to elevate the issues. PBO will not disappoint Democrats especially on women’s issue unless you are like them clueless Professional Left.

    • Please take a hike off a short cliff. This is a pro PBO site not a place to play tired games about how our Prez should just use his “bully pulpit” to make all things right for some perfect little world.

      • TiMT says:

        Some folks sure do have little understanding of the power of the “bully pulpit”. Beside, considering what PBO has been able to accomplish, I don’t think he needs a lecture from some tired fools.

        • The Phantom Creep says:

          I ask again — why is he not on television denouncing this and the people who are pushing it as barbaric anti-woman nutcases?

          • Why are you still bleating your same sorry mess when you have already asked and been answered. Your objection is over ruled. Please move on.

            • TiMT says:

              Some folks don’t understand standard indicates until they are removed. No need to worry about trolls in this site. They are taken care off in to the spam filter. Happy friday sis granny!

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  7. The Phantom Creep says:

    Profiles in Courage:

    Eisenhower sending in the troops to Little Rock when the racist governor refused to obey the SCOTUS order to integrates.

    LBJ pushing through civil rights laws, because it was the right thing to do — despite the fact that he knew he was ceding the South to the Republicans for decades.

    Can you imagine Obama doing either of the above? Frankly, I can’t.

    Let’s see him prove me wrong — let him denounce the sadistic unconstitutional Virginia law on TV in the strongest possible terms and order the DOJ to block its implementation if the Governor signs it.

    The meter is running, President Obama.

    • Seeta says:

      you’re a jackass. take a course in constitutional law and american history. The POTUS doesn’t have the authority to put an embargo on a state law. Civics 101, moron. the law will likely be found unconstitutional in the courts.

  8. trashablanca says:

    Hey, TiMT, you got yourself a Genuine Genius Frustratis. Looks like the only thing they know how to do, is the backstroke in the punchbowl. How pathetic.

    • TiMT says:

      I noticed trashablanca. some people are just tone deaf and honestly don’t get shit even if you repeat it to them multiple times. They remind me of them FDL or Dailykos types of Juvenals. Same old tired ass libertarians if you ask me. I think I may have to take away this person’s posting privilege.

      • The Phantom Creep says:

        So he shouldn’t denounce the law or ask the DOJ to intervene?

        Just so we’ve got that clear.

        • trashablanca says:

          You’d want him to wipe your hiney and tuck you in as well, but you have to grow up and act like an adult one day, or at least try and feign it. At least you’re trolling on the internets and not out bothering kids in the park.

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