A Perspective About Religion and the Churches Influence In Politics from The “Stayaway Saints”

I woke up this morning and as usual there are a few websites I go to to read what has evolved in our political world while I was in deep sleep. Long and behold, thepeoplesview.net has this thought provoking piece about the church discussing the role of today’s church in politics and how it has departed from it divine teaching of “doing good” failing many including the author. It was a brilliant piece that made me evaluate my spirituality so I started writing this comment which I decided to make it into an essay. I recommend everyone read the article but the jest of what I wanted to focus on is this quote:

God may exist, but too many of his representatives on earth lack that spark of the divine.

I do believe God exists. I do believe there are a lot of Godly people on this earth. Many. I do believe there are churches that are good with good intentions. However, I too feel that the connection of these good Godly people to the churches has evaporated mainly because the churches have become a political tool. But, digging deep in the last decade, I have realized the Church has always been a political power house while keeping it congregation in the dark feeding them bones. Some of us have just woken up recently to realize it as some of these Churches and its congregant have became pretty much a lynching mob of hateful souls if you don’t live their faith or believes.

These representatives of the church indeed have made me turn my back on the church I used to belong to but certainly not on my God. I, like the author of the piece, grew up in the church and its teaching has given me solid foundation in life but the closer you look at today’s churches principle, its no long about being Christ like — doing good. It has been taken over by folks who use God’s name to benefit themselves driving wadge issues to cement their power.  The church [disclaimer – not all churches] has become a tool to push ideologies that has nothing to do with Christianity or the life Christ led. It is indeed true that the church is now run by greedy mobs who indeed “lack that spark of the divine”.  Well, it might have been the case for some time but I sure have realized in this last decade.

In the name of God, through churches influence, America has waged wars, taken women rights hostage, deprived unity, increased the racial tension of the country, rejected health care to its citizens, divide the country rather than uniting it and healing the racial wounds of slavery while preaching spiritual cleansing crusading to dismantle anything that seems Christ-like deeds. The Catholic church has failed many with its scandals of pedophilia and its denial and/or cover up that has shocked the whole world. Today, it is playing with fire opposing the Affordable Care Acts requirement that makes women’s contraception be covered for free in all health plans dipping its head where it does not belong making separation of church and State a taboo at the same baptizing itself in our politics and women’s bodies every single day.

While all of this has rubbed me the wrong way, it has not made me lose faith nor does it mean that my faith is compromise. I would like to think of myself as a “stayaway saints” who embraces his faith and spirituality. I hold the many good I have learned dear to my heart. It keeps me going. Actually, I have become a one person congregation now. I have created a place called “a one person sanctuary in my heart that enables me to listen to the good, to live the good, to do good, to pray for the good of all kinds, etc. I think if we open our hearts and listen to that internal spiritual divine that is within us, our faith will still stay intact and uncompromisable.

As to those who inject their faith and hold us hostage, we have to identify them and take away their tax exempt status as they are not following the constitution that was designed to ensure that they don’t have influence in our politics.

So, if you feel wronged or cheated by those who lack that spark of the divine, them church leaders and congregations that cater to the ideology of divide and concur, remember you can always be a “stayaway saints” whose faith is still intact doing the good work of the God you cater to.

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2 Responses to A Perspective About Religion and the Churches Influence In Politics from The “Stayaway Saints”

  1. reginahny says:

    A beautiful piece, thanks for sharing from your perspective. I couldn’t agree more when you say: “As to those who inject their faith and hold us hostage, we have to identify them and take away their tax exempt status” I wholeheartedly agree. When it is an accepted fact that religious leaders will take to the pulpit (or whatever they take to!) and tell people how to vote and who to vote for — and it’s reported on without a blink by the MSM — they AREM political groups. All good, more power to them, but they shouldn’t have tax exempt status.

  2. blackrberry says:

    I agree with your sentiments re: the Church as a powerful political institution-same as any large multinational corporation. . The tax-exempt status is wrong, and I oppose it for all churches.
    Many people confuse religion with spirituality. Religion is about controlling behavior and thought. Spirituality is about the connection to fellow living beings and the Creator. That is not something that can be managed by religious doctrine. It is the divinity within all of us that is sacred and to me, the most precious gift. It should liberate, not stifle dissent or cause harm to anyone.

    Peace & blessings for this beautiful essay, brother

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