Stereotyping Black Women. I Love Me Some Michelle Obama Pics!

Michelle ObamaA little over a year ago, I wrote about the stereotyping of black women by the media and how much double standard there is in the treatment of the First Lady, Michelle Obama. The standards are still different today when it comes down to treating a black woman in America even if she is the First Lady, Michelle Obama, compared to how the last 43 White First Ladies have been treated. I don’t intend to link to the blog I wrote about this because I don’t believe in promoting a business driven website (hence: the Orange Site) that is a sanctuary for some Ron Paul types of libertarians while fronting as a progressive site.

Nonetheless, since Michelle became the First Lady, she has been a victim of many stereotypes in this so called post racial society some claim we live in mainly because she is a beautiful intelligent woman with power and popularity, and the main stream media and some racist personalities just don’t want to acknowledge that strong black women can be role models in our society.

I often think that many in America have been sheltered intentionally from the basic truth telling about American History and lack the knowledge about the treatment Black America and especially what Black women had endured for 400 years.

To keep things in perspective and understand the frustrations and tears of a black woman, in the video: a Black Woman’s Smile by Ty Gray El, he composes in poetry the painful racists history of our country showing the pain African Americans had endured while being brutally abused and enslaved. It shows a vivid summation of the pain a black woman had endured and sacrifices she has made to hold the family together while being the pillar of  the black race.

Do you know what it takes to put a smile on a black woman? (Partially transcribed by me)

[…] If you can make a black women smile, you are a miracle worker. Imagine breast feeding your child in Virginia, having him snatched out of your own arms and hijacked to Louisiana and publicly found in new Orleans auction. If the memory of that pain is locked down in your DNA would you be smiling. If you breast feed someone else’ child only to watch her grow old enough to call you a “darkie”, “pickaninny”, “nappy headed gigapus”, you won’t be smiling either. […]

She has been raped, ravaged and scorned nearly annihilated. She has been pimped and pommeled and stoned and deliberately depreciated. She has cooked, cleaned and sewn and never been compensated. She has been forced to watch the off springs of her loinings mangled and maligned across centuries. Her character has been continuously smeared, assassinated over and over again and again.[…]

No other women in the history of civilized world has gone through what she has gone through. She has been chastised, criticized, demonized, and terrorized. She has had to stand when her man was bull-whipped for trying to stand. She has had to stand when her man was castrated for trying to stand. She has had to stand when her man was rolled back his neck for trying to stand. She has had to carry her man. Because every time he tried to carry himself, he gets murdered.

Many in our society have depicted black women as less sought-after, less gorgeous, less womanly, less desirable and less valuable than white women and that sentiment does still continues to persists throughout our the MSM today especially in our main stream cable outlets, publication, blogs and even neighborhoods. Sad as it is, the standards are quite different at every level of the equilibrium for Blacks in general, and Michelle Obama is no different to some asshats tea baggers, Fox News pathological lairs , Republican’ts, feckless apologists and even some disgruntled holier than thou liberals, who are motivated to undermine her solely because of racial animus regardless of the fact that she is the First Lady. The First Black First Lady! In fact, these bigots despise the sight of a Black woman just as they do with a Black President! @#$%ing Racists!

Let me give you a glimpse of who I am talking about — I am talking about people like in this video; the Mike O’Neal of Kansas state house; the Joe Wilson types of KKK moles in our Congress, the Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin “big butt” assault, a right-wing publication depiction of Michelle as a grotesquely muscular armed Marie Antoinette, those like Rand Paul who want to role back the 1964 Civil Rights Act and those who voted to put this racist in office, the mayor of Los Alamitos Dean Grose, the demonizing cast like the Talk show host Lars Lorson and the Fox News bigots, and many more.

Since the then Senator Obama declared his candidacy for President in 2007, Michelle Obama has been a punching bag of many on the right as well as the left. They questioned her faith in America, classified her as militant, her fist pump was scrutinized smearing her terrorist like. Her vacation to southern Spain with her younger daughter last year was considered too lavish as if First Ladies have not taken vacation in a much nicer places. Even some liberals called it a bone headed move. Why? Because she is a black woman?

Here is some more double standard where Melissa Harris-Perry on the Last Word parsed out the different standards Michelle Obama and Michelle Backmann are held to (A MUST SEE), based on race, ideology and more. “She also discusses the difference between Barack and Michelle Obama’s images, backgrounds, and perceptions in the media–as well as pernicious stereotypes about black women.”

The attacks on the First Lady have been unprecedented in modern history as Earl Ofari hutchinson writes:

Presidents were fair game for any and every type of fair or gutter attack. Their wives and families, though, were off limits. But as the wife of the most politically assailed president in modern times by racial bigots, the rules of the political game have been smashed. Michelle will continue to be an inviting target of racial slander simply because she is who she is.

Michelle Obama is A Symbol of Transcendence. The importance of Michelle Obama is not only to Black Women but also to all women of all colors who have struggled for civil rights, the right to vote, equal pay, equality, the right to own her body, the right to education, etc. Michelle Obama mirrors it all because she is the by-product of years of women’s’ struggle. But, her transcendence is intentionally being suppressed by the main stream media, the good ol boys club, and the man’s world. The man’s world still wants to keep it all locked up since changing a 400 years old stereotype is considered disadvantageous and a treat to their supremacy.

A black woman has been the most oppressed soul for a very long time. She has always been the lightning thunder from the skies giving the Black race that extra boost of life line and/or heart beat to freedom. She has endured so much pain, agony, humility and beat down, but she still walks tall without a smile even today as she continually getting chastised and belittled by racists in this country. Demonizing Michelle Obama as has been done from day one is as good as demonizing the transcending symbol of Black Women. It is as good as saying no to all the Woman issues she stands for. Most of all it is as good as saying I don’t want to see you SMILE.

I don’t know about you but I Love Me Some Michelle Obama so enjoy this pics from the public domain below. Also, Tweet her since she just got a twitter account a few hours ago.














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16 Responses to Stereotyping Black Women. I Love Me Some Michelle Obama Pics!

  1. Ruby S Jones says:

    Michelle Obama is the epitome of intelligence, wisdom, style, humor, grace and caring. She cannot be undermined because she is straight up and her efforts are intelligent and selfless.

    This is a first lady who is making an appearance on the teevee program, iCarly, because she cares about the tweens/teens in this country. She wants them to be able to relate to her because she wants to help with the challenges our youth face regarding bullying and improper nutrition. What other First Lady has ever made such an effort? Additionally, she is an excellent mother and serves as a strong, positive role model for all families.

    Let the backward racists rage on. They are not equal to one hair on her head. They know this and that is why they are so bitter, hateful and angry.

    Thanks, TIMT, if ever a woman deserves huge props this one does and you are the best at digging out the truth and letting it shine out into the world.

    Blessed be the Obamas and you, my friend.

  2. edp4bho says:

    Thank you!!

  3. Brittany says:

    Lovely pictures.

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  5. sjterrid says:

    Thank you, TiMT for the beautiful pictures of FLOTUS. I received an e-mail from President Obama to sign a birthday card for Michelle. Her Birthday is Tuesday. I signed the card and you could leave a note to her if you go to the Organizing for Obama web site or her twitter account.

  6. blackrberry says:


    What a lovely tribute for Michelle Obama. These pictures are a balm to Black women. We face bashing non-stop in our media, and daily lives.

    Thank you, TIMT
    and a shout-out to all my strong, beautiful Black sisters throughout this country.

    much luv

  7. blackrberry says:

    backatcha, brotha
    I just sent this post to my 13 year old niece and all my friends.

    Keep up the excellent blogging, TIMT 🙂

  8. First Lady Obama is a very beautiful lady and has the intelligence to go along with it!!!!

  9. veryslowwriter says:

    Love Michelle Obama. She hasn’t placed a foot wrong since she became FLOTUS. She’s gorgeous, smart, gracious, and she has a very nice looking hubby who obvious adores her.
    All of which drives the racists crazier by the day.
    I think it’s likely that El Rushbo will have a stroke around election time.
    One can but hope.

  10. felicia jones says:

    Michelle obama is amazing,she will be in the office for four more years you just have to get used to it.

  11. felicia says:

    Michelle obama is beautiful. I love her. She puts a good image of black women that we don’t get to see enough.

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