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Why Obama Now and Romney Never?

Sometimes it is hard and time consuming to read all of the accomplishments of President Obama so there is this viral video that has been complied by an independent group that pretty much tells the story and the reasoning behind … Continue reading

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How Could Americans Forgive a Republican Party That Is So Interested In Seeing More Americans Out of Job For Political Gain?

The Republican Party is pissed that there was 96,000 more private sector jobs created in August of 2012. They will tell you that this number is not good enough to rebuild America and blame the President for the sluggish economic … Continue reading

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Why You Should Vote For President Obama!

After reading this comment… I always ask people that differ in opinion to provide one reason to vote for the current President and I have yet to receive one. …I started asking myself how could one be so blinded by … Continue reading

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The Morning Round Up…

1) Why Believe Romney Now, After His Lies on Medicare, Bain & Taxes? Robert Shrum’s take down of the lying Un-Presidential Candidate: The candidate this week added Medicare to his litany of falsehoods—on Bain Capital, his taxes, welfare, and debt, … Continue reading

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How Could Women Vote For Mitt Romney?

Considering all of Mitt Romney’s positions on women issues, it is quite unbelievable that there are still women who would vote for an anti-women Presidential candidate. While the number of women who are taking a closer look at the Presidential … Continue reading

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Debunking The Republican Talking Point – Obama Is Not The Reckless Spender Republicans Want You To Believe.

How many lies have to be told before the news press wakes the hell up and starts correcting these intentional misrepresentations that have been told consistently about President Obama to tarnish his character, accomplishments and paint him as an unfavorable … Continue reading

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Evolving and then Evolved. President Obama Supports Same Sex Marriage!

For the first time in this nation’s history, a seating US President has made one of the most profound civil right stand for Gay Rights supporting Same-Sex Marriage publicly. Amen and thank you, President Obama! One day after North Carolina … Continue reading

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While The Sorry Un-Presidential Republican Candidates Bicker, President Obama Signed The Payroll Tax Cut

While the Republican shame themselves with stupidity in the last nights’ Un-Presidential Debate, President Barack Obama signed the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 which extended the payroll tax cut and emergency jobless benefits through 2012. … Continue reading

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I Too Would Be Nervous If I Was A Republican!

Hat-tip to TPM for initially reporting this and truth be told, I sure would be nervous as hell and in panic mode if I was a Republican after seeing graphs like the ones below but I must admit I love … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Stimulus Bill Report Three Years Later

It has been three-year since the $787 billion bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act[ARRA]) was signed by President Obama in February 2009.  So, how much do American know about the effect it had yanking America out of the worse recession … Continue reading

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