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Supreme Court: Are Corporations “Natural Persons” or Not? The Showdown and the Double Standard.

When an evenly divided and often leaning Republican majority SCOTUS decided in the  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission favoring Citizen United, it extended to corporations a first Amendment rights as if they are actual people allowing  corporations to spend … Continue reading

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Santorum Hates Seniors Too. He Will Repeal Medicaid and Medicare First and Then Social Security

It is not enough that Rick Santorum is a racist, a homophobe,  an anti-muslim bigot and one of the worst “Male Chauvinist Pig” in American politics, he is a number one enemy of seniors who will repeal medicaid and medicare … Continue reading

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While The Sorry Un-Presidential Republican Candidates Bicker, President Obama Signed The Payroll Tax Cut

While the Republican shame themselves with stupidity in the last nights’ Un-Presidential Debate, President Barack Obama signed the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 which extended the payroll tax cut and emergency jobless benefits through 2012. … Continue reading

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When You Run Out of Arguments About President Obama’s Policies, Question President Obama’s Faith. Bull$hit Evangelists and Their Followers!

When you don’t have much substance to make a case about why your policies are better than that other smart guy and resort to making up stories using religion to stirrup emotions preaching lies in the church, you have pretty … Continue reading

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President Obama Has Got His Groove On — Singing “Sweet Home Chicago”

Last night there was a White House concert in recognition of Black History Month to celebrate the history and impact of the blues. B.B. King was the guest performer and before the conclusion of the show, he urged the President … Continue reading

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I Too Would Be Nervous If I Was A Republican!

Hat-tip to TPM for initially reporting this and truth be told, I sure would be nervous as hell and in panic mode if I was a Republican after seeing graphs like the ones below but I must admit I love … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Stimulus Bill Report Three Years Later

It has been three-year since the $787 billion bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act[ARRA]) was signed by President Obama in February 2009.  So, how much do American know about the effect it had yanking America out of the worse recession … Continue reading

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Facts About Incarceration in America. Modern Day Enslavement. Read and Weep If You Care!

This is not JUSTICE. This is called moderner day enslavement and America is absolutely quite about it. Read and weep because the statistics about the cold hard facts about incarceration in the United States can’t be more inhumane, racist and … Continue reading

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Women Have No Place in the Eyes of Rep. Darrell Issa!

It is mind boggling to learn that Rep. Darrell Issa (R), the Chairman for Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, actually flat out declined to invite opposing views during a Capitol Hill hearing today about religious freedom and the Administration’s … Continue reading

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The Round-Up

President Obama presents Maya Angelou with the highest civilian honor: The Guardian: Maya Angelou: ‘Barack Obama has done a remarkable job’ Don’t worry about Barack Obama, says the chronicler of black history. He’ll be re-elected. He deserves to be re-elected. … Continue reading

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